Indulge Yourself.

What goes best with wine and beer? More wine and beer. But we also offer some delectable treats to snack on if you’re in the mood. We feature a selection of cheeses from local sources,and gourmet chocolates. I’m getting kind of hungry just thinking about them.

Dark Chocolate platter

• Salivate over our dark chocolates made from 72% cacao.

Milk Chocolate platter

• You can’t get enough of our delectable milk chocolates.

Combination Chocolate platter

• Both of our chocolates in one place? I think we’ve discovered heaven.


• Smoked Gouda from Frisian Farms
• Old Style White Cheddar from Milton Creamery
• Aged White Cheddar from Milton Creamery
• Havarti from Maytag Farms
• Blue from Maytag Farms