Wine on Tap

Madison County Winery began kegging their wine in 2013. This new technology in wine distribution offers sustainability that minimizes throwaway packaging and can be reused for decades. Glass bottles have a large carbon footprint, but our new “on tap” system is cost effective and user friendly. With each fill/refill a 5-gallon keg eliminates 26 bottles, corks, labels, capsules and packaging, making it a more eco-friendly option, which Madison County Winery values dearly.

Current kegged wine varieties.
Strawberry Blonde (effervescent version) – s a semi-sweet white wine with natural strawberry flavor added and a light bubbly effervescent
Lollipop (effervescent version) – is a sweet red wine with the flavor of a grape Jolly Rancher candy and a light bubbly effervescent
Hunter’s Moon – is a semi-dry white blend with hints of melon, honeysuckle and citrus at the finish

Kegged wine ensures the last glass served is as good as the first with no spoilage, corkage, oxidation, or exposure to sunlight, unlike the traditional bottling method where an opened bottle of wine is only good for three to five days. It also utilizes the tap system already in place at most bars, making it easier for bars and restaurants to carry these wines on draft and reduces the amount of wine discarded if an open bottle spoils.

You can currently find our wine on tap at:
– The Iowa Taproom
– Winterset Hy-Vee Market Grille
– Club 2000
– Avenue of the Saints Amphetheater for their on-site events
Check back for updates on where to find our kegged wine.